Piccinato Sergio S.r.l is a reference operator on a national level regarding production, installation and reparation of radiators for motor vehicle and lorries, disposing of a wide stock of products from the most prestigious brands. By means of this great assortment, technicians can propose high quality products, assuring the best quality- price ration found on the market.

Design and realization of radiators from drawings

Thanks to specialized designers, Piccinato Sergio S.r.l. constructs radiators from drawings or samples for intercoolers, compressors and heat exchangers for gas, oil, air and water systems. The company’s technicians select the best materials, granting the clients exceptional results regarding resistance and performance.

Reparation and inspection services

Piccinato Sergio S.r.l. offers services of technical assistance for cooling motor radiators, conditioning systems, intercoolers and hydraulic oil radiators. Specialized technicians perform reparation interventions on heat exchangers and compressors, with substitution of damaged tubs and sides. The company’s workshop is equipped in order to assure a thorough revision of radiators, performing complete disassembly, core cleaning and reassembly operations. If cores must be substituted, the company will proceed to install only original or test-typed parts.